Whether Champion, pet or rescue, our dogs are, first and foremost, family members. They live in our home, sleep in our bed, and lounge on the furniture. We feel proper socialization is imperative to the well-rounded Bordeaux and they go most everywhere with us; the office, Home Depot, outdoor cafes and restaurants.  We do not sell to breeders, desiring to keep our lines private and exclusive, and welcome applications from top-tier pet homes.  We concentrate in one breed and one breed only.  Our Champion males are not advertised or offered for stud service outside of our program.  You will not find outdoor kennels or runs at Heartstrings.

We breed occasionally and selectively; our mission to improve type, health and temperament. Our breedings are put together years in advance with careful scrutiny and only when we intend to keep puppies back from the litter for our program.  Thousands of hours spent in our pedigree “war room,”  scouring the far corners of the Globe to find the best possible matches.  Knowing exactly where we will eventually go with a litter and their future breedings before they are even conceived.  Then we wait, cross our fingers and hope for the future.  This method takes time, it requires great patience.  Our puppies are our craft, our meraki.

We are AKC Breeders of Merit and to date have produced 13 Champions and Grand Champions, Numerous Top #10 and Top #20 Dogues.  We have also received several Invites to the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show (only the Top #5 in annual breed standing Invited), and have qualified for the Crufts show in England.

Our Jasmine finished 2014 #1 female in the US; #2 DDB in overall breed standing by a slim 12 points.  She recently earned her Silver Grand Championship and is the #6 ranked DDB of all time in breed standing.  Firmly believing that strong females are the basis of a program, we are proud to have either the #1 or #2 ranked US female for the past 3 years.  We are fortunate to breed only the best of the best and only breed Champion titled Dogues, proven in the show ring, both Sire and Dam.

Health is also top priority.  We perform all health testing recommended by the DDBSA:  heart on echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist; OFA shoulders, OFA elbows and Penn hips.  Our health information may be found on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website and we also have digital films available for you or your veterinarian’s review.

We are active members of the DDBSA, Joy a Director and Officer.  Participation in the breed club is a responsibility to the furtherance of the breed that all breeders, pet owners, show participants or owners of rescues bear.  We were honored to receive several awards at the 2014 DDBSA Nationals including the prestigious Breeder Medallion.  Other awards include Best Bred by Exhibitor, Dam of the Year, Dam of Merit.  Our biggest pride was one of our 11-yr old “owners” receiving the Junior Handler of the Year award on our Grand Champion Heartstrings Kronos:  a great testament to the temperament we are producing to have a young woman in the ring competing with one of our males.

Joy has also judged multi-breed conformation matches.  Not just a wonderful compliment from her peers in the dog community, but a unique opportunity to develop a working knowledge of standards and a keen eye for structure, angulation, balance, movement and harmony in multiple breeds across the board.

Proud to be producing lovely, healthy, correct Dogues with wonderful temperaments and most of all enjoying every day with our beloveds.  We look forward to hearing from you and talking “Dogues.”