The Wins and New Titles Just Keep Coming!

Heartstrings Luther becomes Bronze Grand Champion and just keeps winning!  The latest Best of Breed win over beautiful competition in Birch Run, MI.

Heartstrings Dream a Little Dream of Me (Ella Fitzgerald) a MAJOR win.  Ella has a perfect heart on echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist.  OFA Normal thyroid panel.  Soon we will have a look at her Ortho’s under film and hope for great results from this beautiful young girl.

Miss B wins Best of Breed at 8 months over much older and mature competition.  The Breed win put on her by a highly respected judge.  She is recognized and rewarded an AKC Puppy of Distinction!

Nadia (Luther x Jazzy) becomes AKC STAR puppy at the unprecedented age of 3 1/2 months!


Health Effects of Early Spay or Neuter

We strongly recommend waiting until at least 2 years of age to spay or neuter.

Sometimes this can be a challenge when boarding.  Or managing a couple of cycles with a young female.  But the long-term health benefits far outweigh the short-term inconveniences.

Attached is a nice read on the effects of early spay and neuter issued by the Golden Retriever Club of America.  They found, among other things, that early s/n is linked to hip dysplasia, cruciate injuries and certain forms of cancer.  We have additional information in our library, please feel free to contact us if you would like it.

While there is little data available on the effects in giant breeds, we can only assume that it is intensified.  Unless there is a risk of an accidental pregnancy or some other medical concern to weigh carefully, the studies are mounting showing that it is best to wait.

Please be informed and make good decisions for your youngster – they are counting on you!




When a Dream Comes True – Twice!

In 2009 the sun, moon, stars all lined up and we were fortunate enough to be trusted with our Urszula.  The Queen, the Pride, the Matriarch, the Heart of Heartstrings came to us from the Czech Republic.  And we were lucky, lucky, lucky to be chosen amongst a very long waiting and applicant list to be her forever family.  Even today, long retired she still takes our breath away approaching 9 years old.

Urszula has been a history-making girl for us.  Bronze Grand Champion.  The first black mask DDB to earn Grand Champion (please visit our media tab to read more).  Westminster Invite.  Her show credentials too long to enumerate.

We hoped and waited a long time for her, long before she was born.  What was most significant about her was that she was a rare black-mask Moby de Legeane daughter.  Moby, the undisputed legend and once every 30 years, once-in-a-generation male from the Netherlands had sired a litter in the Czech Republic and there were black masks!

Fast-forward to October 2016.  In a beautiful, home, family kennel in the Netherlands and through the magic of science, frozen semen, perfectly calculated timing and expert veterinarians our No Mercy Van de Madroelhoeve was born.

Our second black mask Moby daughter.  She is a dream come true – twice.  

The Road to Westminster

Soon Luther will be packing his bags and traveling to New York to participate in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

A rich history, the show is the 2nd longest running sporting event in American history second only to the Kentucky Derby.  The city loves the event, even lighting the Empire State Building purple and gold, the colors of a Best of Breed ribbon.  Everyone, everywhere you go is just lit up and buzzing about the dogs.

Through a depression, two world wars, blizzards and power outages the show has gone on.  Amazing feeling to have bred multiple Dogues of the caliber to exhibit here and Luther is looking forward to every second of the excitement.

A link with the great history and ticket information – we hope to see you all there!

Puppies Available!

Prior to publically announcing availability we wanted to extend this opportunity to our repeat owners, friends and family members.

In the wee hours just before dawn on Christmas morning Silver Grand Champion Heartstrings Jasmine blessed us with beautiful babies.  In addition to earning Silver Grand Champion, Jasmine was the #1 female in the US 2015 & 2016 and beating the boys to end both years #2 ranked DDB in the US in breed standing.  She was a 2x Westminster Invite and Select Bitch.  Crufts Invite and UKC Best in Show winner.

The sire to our beautiful litter is Grand Champion Heartstrings Luther.  Luther made our dreams come true when he won the DDBSA National Specialty Show in November, 2017.  From there he traveled to the Royal Canin National Championship show in Orlando and received First Award of Excellence.  With light showing in 2017 Luther ended the year #3 ranked DDB in the US in breed points and also a Crufts Invite.

Both Jazz and Luther are CHIC health certified (hearts clear of genetic defects on echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist, OFA elbows, OFA shoulders and Penn hips).  Both are from multi-champion litters.  Both are from generations of dual Champion-bred grand and great-grandparents.  Both have several siblings also CHIC health certified.

Perhaps most important, this litter proudly moves us further into our 4th generation of publically documented clear hearts behind the puppies.

Please contact us to discuss availability.  Priority will be given to applicants in Ohio or contiguous states open to a show prospect arrangement.


Luther Wins Best In Specialty Show at the National!

It is beyond a dream come true.  Luther wins the DDBSA National Specialty!

While there are many prestigious shows throughout the year, for any Breed the Annual Specialty is the holy grail.

The National Specialty show is where breeders and enthusiasts meet up one time per year.  For meetings.  For seminars.  For long discussions over dinner about improving the health of their breed.  No matter the location people and Dogues fly in from all over the US to take part in this important event.

And to showcase the best of their best in the show ring.

This year nearly 60 Dogues were in the show ring.  Luther was named the 2017 National Best in Specialty Show Winner!  What makes it even more gratifying is that Luther is a CHIC health certified Dogue de Bordeaux.  A very satisfying moral victory proving that you can have amazing type *and* amazing health. 


4th time US Breeder of the Year/Breeder Medallion Winner

Greetings Friends!  We are fresh back from the 2017 DDBSA National Specialty show and bring much great news.

This year, for the 4th time, Heartstrings wins the DDBSA Breeder Medallion award.  We also bring home the Dam of the Year award to our beautiful GCH, CH Heartstrings Margaret.

Additionally a tie for Sire of the Year, both magnificent Sires exclusively in our program.  GCH, CH Heartstrings Mambo and Multi European Champion Vlempa Bardos.

More great news to come but we wanted to share this exciting news right away with you, our friends and family members!


2 Adult Males Available

Due to a change in the circumstances of the family we have 2 adult males available.  The Boys are very bonded and it would be ideal to place them together if at all possible.

Kronos – Kronos is Grand Champion and just turned 5 years old.  During his show career he was nationally ranked and exhibited at Westminster Kennel Club dog show.  Kronos is from a litter of 6 Champions.  He is retired from show, will be neutered and placed in a loving companion home.

Laszlo – Laszlo is Champion and 2 years old.  He has been taking a break from the show ring to develop.  Laszlo is from a litter of 4 Titled Dogues thus far with 2 more on target.  He is very athletic and would be an excellent Dogue for someone looking to get into Sports.  A competition home would be ideal for him as he would love it, but we are not ruling out neutering him and placement in a companion home.

Both boys have been handled by a Junior Handler.  They do well with other dogs, children.  Per our policy, neither boy will be placed with breeding rights.

Please contact us for more information.

Apply to Join the DDBSA!

Anyone receiving this newsletter already has a demonstrated commitment to our Beloved Breed.  If you are already a Member, thank you.  If not please consider applying to join.

Every Breed in the US has an approved parent club as designated by the AKC.  The DDBSA is the parent club of the Dogue de Bordeaux.  Whether Breeder, Companion Owner, Rescue Home or just someone interested in learning more about the Breed, membership is an ideal opportunity.

Members will receive our Bi-Monthly newsletter “The Slobber,” which is packed with fun, informative information.  As a member there is an opportunity to really step up you game if you choose and serve on a variety of committees.

Are you “crafty?”  Think about helping out making raffle baskets or designing booths for rescue of show events.  Are you “techy?”  Maybe you could lend a hand with the web page or other various needs.

Are you willing to do some driving?  A cause near and dear to our hearts is our Rescue (recall our introduction to the Breed was our beloved Louis many years ago).  The Club can never have too many pre-approved, trained hands on deck ready to move and race against the needle to pull a Dogue from a kill shelter in the unfortunate event that the clock is ticking.

It is not uncommon to have to move a Dogue hundreds of  miles to a waiting foster or forever adoptive home.  From personal experience, one of the best “feel good” things you will do all year is drive a leg of a transport.  Volunteers are are assigned a leg.  They pull into a designated meet-up point then out jumps the Dogue with his or her little suitcase, into the next car and on up the road.  Not unlike tracking Santa on NORAD Christmas Eve, updates are posted and shared as a baby with a not-so-great beginning in life moves on to know the love and warmth of a forever home.

Dues are $30 annually for a single membership, $35 for a family membership and we have attached an application.  In order to apply, the application will need printed and snail mailed along with a check to the designated individual.

We sincerely hope that you will consider joining us in serving our breed however you can.



2016 Heartstrings Red Carpet

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we turn to one of our favorite times of year, Awards Season.  The Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards are big favorites here.

In keeping with the Season we would like to congratulate the 9 Heartstrings Bred Dogues who earned AKC Titles in 2016 as well as their owners!

In order of appearance:

Heartstrings Laszlo – AKC Conformation Champion

Heartstrings Vauquois – AKC Rally Novice Title

Heartstrings Mambo – AKC Conformation Grand Champion

Heartstrings Crash – AKC Canine Good Citizen

Heartstrings Luther – AKC Conformation Champion

Heartstrings Moose – AKC Star Puppy, AKC Canine Good Citizen (2 Titles for Moosie Man – Toot, Toot!)

Heartstrings Fort Knox – AKC Star Puppy, AKC Canine Good Citizen (2 Titles for the keeper of the gold – another Toot Toot for Big Tuna, his cute family nick name!)

Heartstrings When Will It Reign at Woodland Park – AKC Conformation Champion

Heartstrings Boris – AKC Star Puppy

Every puppy bred here is bred with much heart, love and hope.  We are proud of every single puppy we have produced but we really must acknowledge these babies and their owners.

There is a saying that you get 10% out of your Dogue in competition that you get in practice.  There is nothing, nothing easy about earning and AKC Title.  Classes, practice and just a lot of good old fashioned hard work is what that piece of paper represents.  Many days it doesn’t go the way you had hoped and you go home, practice more and do it again.

This is a tribute and honor to your Dogue.  He or she is now forever recorded in history as an AKC Titled Dogue.  It is a labor of love, honor and respect to your Dogue.

Enormous congratulations to our 2016 Champions.  Most of all, congratulations to their Families of Champions.  You can feel great about your hard work and accomplishments.  Thank you all for making us so very, very proud!