Beautiful Sketch of Storm de Legeane (c)

Our neighbor and friend Dr. Marshall Thomas surprised us with this amazing image of our Storm.  Dr. Thomas is in the fine-arts and film industry and this rendering may be featured in an upcoming film documentary.  We will announce and update as we can as this is very exciting.  This material is copyrighted.

For those who have a puppy from us Storm is no doubt somewhere in the pedigree.  We won’t list his long list of show accolades and multiple national awards.   Long-retired from the show ring and now just a cheerful, loving house-pet and very proud Papa and Grandpa.

Enjoy this great piece!



Heartstrings Champion #14!

Last weekend our beautiful girl When Will it Reign at Woodland Park (Reign) made the long drive from Memphis to Upstate NY with one goal:  win those final 2 Majors and become AKC Conformation Champion.

She made light work of this task.  Blowing out 2 back-to-back Major Wins and earning her well-deserved Championship crown.  On her way back home we met up for a joyous celebratory dinner – enormous congratulations to her owners for this accomplishment and thank you for the hard work and beautiful presentation of our homebred girl!

Additionally, Reign has had dazzling health results which are public and may be found on  Just.  Great. Stuff.

reignbellalove reignromulus reignrromulus2

Puppies Available!

It has been a busy few weeks while we narrowed things down.  Thank you all for you patience as we make agonizing decisions.  We currently have the following puppies available:

From Champion, Grand Champion, Bronze Grand Champion Storm de Legeane x Champion, Grand Champion and CGC Heartstrings Margaret litter (D.O.B. 07/07/16) 2 males.  Argyle Boy (show agreement only) and Brown Boy (we would love this promising puppy shown but realize showing is not “do-able” for all).

Potentially:  From Champion Luther x Champion, Grand Champion Heartstrings Claire (D.O.B. 07/12/16) our pretty Green Girl.  There is a courtesy hold on her until Saturday, September 24.

All puppies have completed US Super Dog Protocol, experience with daily tactile learning, puzzles, etc.  Puppies have completed multiple field trips off campus and met well over “100 strangers” beginning early socialization.  Puppies have been fully vetted by a veterinary specialist, received their 2nd set of puppy vaccines and microchipped (we use a life-long service requiring no annual renewal).  They are also doing well with crate training and housebreaking.

We are in the process of going back thru our waiting list but please reach out if you haven’t heard from us.  330 322 4876.argylegaiting brownboyattention brownboygaiting brownrunning


2 Dogues in the US Top 20!

US Nationwide Breed-point rankings were released a few days ago and we are delighted to announce that we have 2 DDB’s ranked in the US Top 20!

Champion, Grand Champion Mambo at #9.  Making his debut on the charts, our young new Champion Luther at #11!

This requires a bit of planning because both boys show in the same area.  One goes out to show, one stays home and relaxes lest we be competing against ourselves.

Years back we remember watching the Top 20 Competition at DDBSA Nationals.  Awestruck, dreaming of having a Dogue of this caliber.  Fast-forward to present day and not only have we owned, but most importantly bred, multiple Top 20 Ranked Dogues.

Very satisfying and rewarding – our families and Dogues make us very proud!



Puppy Update

As is our practice, this week we met with Judge Linda Rusinko for her written critiques and evaluations.  We are delighted to pass along that nearly every puppy received a Very Promising Show Prospect – A Ranking (the highest possible ranking) by Judge Rusinko.

Now that puppies can venture out carefully, we began meeting our “100 Strangers Off-Campus” socialization protocol.  Additionally, we had a photo session with Jean Nester and Raney Days Photography and are passing along a few fun photos.

We have a few more critiques scheduled for the weekend then will begin the difficult task of drilling down and making final show-prospect decisions.  Following that we will know which puppies will be available for companion homes.

They are all just beautiful but unfortunately we can’t keep everyone.  We will know more soon, thank you all for your patience through this process.

Argylegaiting Black Blacktable bluepaisley BrownBoyattention Brownrunning Bull churchbabies MultiKathleen Orangegirlgaiting pinkgirl runningpaulandi

Puppies Available Week of September 5, 2016

Greetings everyone!  We are close to making final show-prospect decisions and will know more soon about companion home availability on 2 beautiful litters here now.

Litter #1;  07/07/16.  Bronze Grand Champion Storm de Legeane x Grand Champion Heartstrings Margaret.  Both Sire and Dam have won all the way up to and competed in the Best in Show ring (Ukc).  Storm is our import from the Netherlands, Westminster Invite and 2x recipient of the DDBSA National Sire of the Year award.  We have not permitted Storm to be used outside of our program and in two litters he has sired 6 conformation champions and numerous obedience-titled Dogues.  In addition to Grand Champion, Margaret has a CGC Title and is Dam of multiple-titled Dogues.

Litter #2; 07/12/16.  Champion Heartstrings Luther x Grand Champion Heartstrings Claire.  Luther is our home-breeding using frozen semen imported from Europe of Multi European Champion Vlempa Bardos.  Luther’s show career is taking off and we expect to see him ranked in the US Top #20 (if not Top #10) when stats are released in September.  Claire is our beautiful girl that graced the cover of USA Today when competing at Westminster in 2014.  She is only points-shy of Bronze Grand Champion.

All health testing is a matter of public record.  You may review the generations of health testing on the OFA website as well as horizontal pedigree testing.

Puppies have completed US Military Super Dog Training Protocol which begins at 3 days.  They will arrive having been fully vetted by a repro specialist, utd on vaccinations, microchipped and health guarantee.  They will also meet “100 strangers” off campus prior to going to new homes/socialization.  Additionally, daily tactile and “experience” exposure including puzzles, noise sensitivity, etc.  We will require a certified CGC course (we will assist you with locating and vetting trainers) and recall we do not sell with breeding rights.

We realize many have been waiting and thank you for your patience if you have previously submitted an application.  If you have not heard from us, please get in touch with us to discuss whether this is good timing.  We are in the process of scheduling a session with a professional photographer and, as a matter of etiquette, will have professional photos available once those already committed have made their selections.

New Grand Champion and S.T.A.R. Puppies

Excited to pass along that Heartstrings has another home-bred Grand Champion!  Mambo, with limited showing, has ticked another Title off his list.  He is also currently ranked in the US Top #10 DDB’s in breed standing at just over 2 years old.

Mambo became a Daddy earlier this year and 2 of his boys earned their S.T.A.R. Puppy Certifications (Soicilization, Training, Activity, Responsibility).  Big congratulations to Moose, Knox and their families.  Knox shown here with his little girl who clearly thinks her puppy is a S.T.A.R.


Moosestar MamboGCHCert starpuppylogo Knoxstarpuppy2 Knoxstarpuppy




New Title!

Great start to the week and month!  On Monday August 1, 2016 9 month-old Crash earns his CGC Title – forever recorded in history as an American Kennel Club Titled Dogue.

CGC (Canine Good Citizen) is an obedience title and the team must successfully complete a course consisting of 10 challenges.  Sit, stay, down, a timed 3-minute sit or down-stay whereby the handler walks out of sight, and passing other dogs appropriately are a few of the challenges.

These two have worked and practiced very hard and we are over the moon for them.  No surprise – their instructor tells us they broke the curve, star students in her class and she is encouraging them to continue with a working/performance/conformation career.  Great job Dawn and Crash – you make us so proud!

Crashcgc1 Crashcgc2 Crashcgc3 Crashcgc4

Summer Time – Keeping it Cool

Greetings Friends!  We have several exciting show and puppy announcements forthcoming but first we must take pause to talk about health and safety.  As the “dog days” of summer approach we must always be mindful of our beloved 4-legged family members in the heat.

Here in Ohio things can get hot and steamy and we treat warm days and high humidity in very much the same manner as -30 days/risk of hypothermia and frostbite.  Dogues go outside, do their business, then straight back in to the air conditioning.

Sadly, every summer we will hear accounts of people losing dogs to heat stroke.  This can happen very fast and even with the most careful of owners.  It is a good idea to know the signs of heat stroke and first aid.  A dog’s average temperature is around 101; for those not-so-brave people like ourselves, ear thermometers are available.  Additionally, many local Red Cross facilities offer classes in pet first aid.  You would do this for your infant child, why not for your 4-legged baby as well?

Enjoy some photos of 2 of our Dogues keeping it cool.  The lovely Mila diving into her pool.  And Mr. Kaiser – enjoying a swim in his pond after raiding the family garden for a cucumber.

Kaisercucumber2 Kaisercucumber3 MilaFrenchie Milapool

Socialization and Puppy Evaluations

Greetings Friends!  We have made final decisions on our Mambo x Jazzy litter and the babies have started heading out to their new homes.

Many have asked – how on earth do you choose the final show prospect puppies?  It is a difficult and daunting task to say the least.

We start watching and observing early on.  In addition to the conformation, who has the “it” factor to become a potential show star?  Intuition:  who just seems to leap out at us?

Then of course we work with a battery of experts and garner their opinions.  We are blessed with a reproductive vet who is also a breeder, recently retiring the top-winning Shar Pei of all time.  We schedule an extended appointment and make the long drive to have her examine every puppy from tip of nose to tip of tail for health and her “nod” before going to new homes.  We also set the puppies up and get her opinion on the top show prospects.

We load up and drive to meet a trusted Judge friend for her evaluations.  An enormous resource with 40+ years of Doberman breeding in her tool box.  Here, we will spend several hours setting puppies up on a table, going over each one with a fine-toothed comb as she provides critiques.  The tail set, we measure the coupling/balance, a hard look at the dentation and bite, the overall structure and angulation just the short list of the evaluation.

We have included photos of lifting the front left leg.  This, for instance, is how we evaluate the angulation of the puppy.  The angulation translates into how the puppy will move as an adult.  Looking for typey and correct movement with the proper reach and drive.

A few of the factors as we are typically blessed with many fine-hair decisions when selecting show prospects.  And always, of course, much fun socializing – meeting “100 Strangers” off campus prior to going to new homes.  Enjoy!    -photo credits Raney Days Photography

8weeks1 angulationpolkadot Angulationpurple highschoolkidsatthebarn highschoolkidsatthebarn2 highschoolkidsatthebarn3 Louis8weeks