Settling In

A few photos of our babies settling in with their new families.  Socialization begins here before they leave on their life journeys, meeting “100 strangers” before they go and exposing them to everything we can think of.  We are at “eye level” with them the first weeks of their lives, Joy sleeping on an air mattress next to them on the floor and bottle feed to increase the human bond.  Nails buzzed several times to get them used to this and they start house breaking and crate training prior to leaving, rotating each puppy away from littemates and Mom to help with the anxiety of the transition.  Listening to fireworks and thunderstorm cd’s, car rides, walking on touch-activated sound mats, running through agility tunnels and play time with the big dogs are activities on the short list our routine to ensure those first few nights go as well as possible for everyone.carride Harleyhat Harleysweater LaszloKronosClaire Lucy9weeks LucyAliana manipedisroyalboy Petra9weeks Petrafirstmorning