Companion Dogues

Obviously we can’t keep everyone.  Every breeding we make our show selections then place the rest of the puppies in outstanding companion homes with no breeding rights.  Additionally, this should serve as assurance to the new family that we felt strongly enough about the type, health, and temperament of the breeding that a puppy from your litter will grace our lives as well.

Our journey and friendship with our families doesn’t end, but rather, begins the day they pick up their puppies.  We always enjoy hearing from our families and news on our “Grandbabies” as believe it or not, we miss them when they leave.  Our contract requires a minimum of bi-monthly updates and photos which we have never found to be a problem.  Not only do we enjoy seeing all of the puppies for future breeding decisions (what we “got” with a pairing – what we need to tweak, always seeking to improve), but most importantly we watch the puppies, make dietary recommendations, provide training assistance, everything we can do to make the journey for both the family and the pup successful.  For instance, our last litter is 7 months now and we can tell you exactly what each puppy weighs.

This weekend a few photos of our puppies in companion homes where they are loved, spoiled and happy.  Above ribbons and decorations by far our greatest reward and satisfaction.

camisbabies kaiserlifejacket Kaiserpond Kaiserpond1 Kaiserpond2 lucy7months Lucy7months2 Lucy7months3 Luther5months


Baby Doc Day!

Ms. Claire had a great check-up with her reproductive specialist today!!!  We are just around 3-weeks out now…very exciting!!

She is eating, feeling and looking GREAT and very much enjoying being pregnant!!  She has gained 3 lbs. since her last visit and will really begin ramping up weight after this week.  Continuing on pre-natal vitamins and supplements – all of her levels and the little ones inside looking wonderful.

We have already started puppy shopping for toys.  Wrapping things up at work and also stock piling supplies so we have to leave the house as little as possible during those first few critical weeks (we call it “puppy lock down”).  Can’t have too many rolls of paper towels or too much laundry detergent and bleach on hand when puppies come!


Happy Father’s Day!

Just to pause and give thanks to our amazing Fathers.  Whether you lived here or we adored you from a continent away….your blood and legacy is celebrated every day in your babies.  Thank you all and Happy Father’s Day Bardos, Maximus, Hemi, Storm, Aemme and Moby.

Aemme Bardoswater maximus Moby Stormatnats


Breeding Confirmed!

On ultrasound our sweet GCH Heartstrings Claire’s dual-sired breeding with Bronze GCH, GCH, CH Varelas Star of America and Muli Euro CH, Junior Euro CH Vlempa Bardos confirmed!!

This is a lovely, special ultrasound photo of one of the puppies at 25 days.  Here, he (or she) is approximately the size of a walnut.  Swimming around in there, looking at us straight on.  If you look carefully you can make out the lovely arms and of course his or her tiny head.   Very special.

Miss Claire eating well, feeling well, enjoying all of the spoils that come along with being an expectant, pampered Mama to Be.  We can’t wait to take this journey: hand in hand, step in step with our precious Claire.




All-Around Dogues – 2 New Working Titles

Outside of the Conformation show ring.  Very proud to announce that 2 of our Dogues recently earned Working Titles.  Congratulations Heartstrings Kaiser new Canine Good Citizen;  CH Heartstrings Odin new Canine Good Citizen (Odin earning a previous conformation Championship).

Well done Gentlemen and families!  Odincgccert



Home-Bred Champion #11!

This past weekend Mambo (Bronze GCH, CH Hemicuda de L’Aube Rouge x Bronze GCH, CH Urszula z Orisku) earned his final points to become AKC Champion!!

Mambo at just over 14 months is one of our youngest Dogues to Champion and he did it in style, used for Best of Breed Owner Handled on 3 majors.  Extra special as he becomes an Owner Handled Champion out of the Bred by Exhibitor classes, a true badge of honor for a breeder.

And….big “Bo Bo” becomes our 11th home-bred AKC Conformation Champion.  We don’t breed often so this is very exciting news; a huge “thank you” to the Judges who have thought so highly of him and our program!Mambo14mmonths2 Mambo14months Mamboring



Multi European Champion, Junior World Champion Vlempa Bardos

With great honor, trust and enormous responsibility we have been entrusted with the entire collections of Multi European Champion, Junior World Champion Vlempa Bardos.  Years of high hopes, trust, hard work producing glorious Dogues deemed to be worthy and complicated negotiations spanning 3 continents (US, Europe, Australia).

Some photos for the Bardi fans recently released from the vault in the Czech Republic.  We fully intend to do this Legend right and produce brilliant offspring from our carefully-planned breedings.

Bardosanamore BardosChiara Bardosheadshot