Companion Dogues

Obviously we can’t keep everyone.  Every breeding we make our show selections then place the rest of the puppies in outstanding companion homes with no breeding rights.  Additionally, this should serve as assurance to the new family that we felt strongly enough about the type, health, and temperament of the breeding that a puppy from your litter will grace our lives as well.

Our journey and friendship with our families doesn’t end, but rather, begins the day they pick up their puppies.  We always enjoy hearing from our families and news on our “Grandbabies” as believe it or not, we miss them when they leave.  Our contract requires a minimum of bi-monthly updates and photos which we have never found to be a problem.  Not only do we enjoy seeing all of the puppies for future breeding decisions (what we “got” with a pairing – what we need to tweak, always seeking to improve), but most importantly we watch the puppies, make dietary recommendations, provide training assistance, everything we can do to make the journey for both the family and the pup successful.  For instance, our last litter is 7 months now and we can tell you exactly what each puppy weighs.

This weekend a few photos of our puppies in companion homes where they are loved, spoiled and happy.  Above ribbons and decorations by far our greatest reward and satisfaction.

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