We have been running back and forth to the Repro Vet, checking progesterone, and Shirley thinks we are ready!

In the next few days we will breed our Champion Heartstrings Shirley (2014 DDBSA Best bred By Exhibitor award winner) to the handsome Grand Champion Varela’s Majestic Valhalla, otherwise knows as Popeye.

Popeye lives in California, USA – we are in Ohio, USA.  Over the past few weeks we have been finalizing matters (to be discrete and not overshare lol).  When the time is just perfect according to Shirley, Popeye will be collected and his semen shipped to our specialist here for artificial insemination.

Many, many factors go into our breeding decisions.  Temperament, type, horizontal and vertical pedigree matches and health research, the accolades of being proven in the show ring comprise the short list.

One of the most important things in our value system is that Popeye lives a rich, spoiled family life like our Dogues here and we are very grateful to Varela Bordeaux, Dietrich Brown and Jason Stratford for the opportunity to put yet another world-class breeding together.

Popeye Popeye073015 Popeyechickensalad Popeyehead popeyejacket popeyeventurabob Popeyeyard

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Our Claire x Captain x Bardos baby girls made their first, short trip outside today (1 week).  They really enjoyed the flower garden and the fresh air.

Everyone is spoken for but we will be making an exciting announcement soon!

1weekall3photo1 (1280x853) 1weekall3photo2 (1280x853) 1weekgreen (1280x853) 1weekpink (1280x844) 1weekpurple (1280x853)

New Babies, New Titles, Best of Breed Wins across the US!

Our apologies for a “shotgun” update but there is so much great news to share it can be tough to keep up!

3 beautiful little girls arrived 07/17!  Mama Claire and baby girls doing famously; no surprise at all that Claire is a fabulous first-time Mama, anyone who has met her knows how very sweet and special she is.  Not to be outdone by her sister Ms. Shirley has a breeding announcement coming very soon :).

New Title!!!  Enormous congratulations to co-owners Patrick and Jessie for putting a Canine Good Citizen title (obedience title) on Petra!  Petra is a lover but, well, a bit of a firecracker at 7 months and this was no small feat.  Much hard work and determination and just lovely to see her put some consonants behind her name at the tender age of 7 months.  Definitely exceeding our expectations so young, outstanding job Jess!

Additional congratulations to Ms. Liv, showing Petra in Novice Juniors and earning 2 1st place ribbons at the Madison OH show!!  Petra also rewarded with 2 Best Puppy accolades and a Reserve Winners Bitch at Madison, just super – a very big congratulations, well-done and thank you to her family.

Also at Madison OH – Silver Grand Champion Jazzy used for 2 Best of Breed wins over gorgeous competition.  Jazzy remains #1 Bitch in the US halfway through the year, wonderful news!

Twin Brooks NJ – The lovely Alison putting a Best of Breed win on GCH Kronos; a Reserve Winners Dog ribbon for Laszlo handled by McKenzie.  Again with beautiful competition – great job to the Mother/Daughter handling team, Dad Tom always coaching and supporting and of course our sweet boys!

Paper City WI – Vauquois earns 2 Best of Breed ribbons with his Mama Emily and 2 trips to the Working Group in their debut show.  Extra fun,  this lovely duo was shown on television in their area on the news.  Good for them and how fun is that?

Just all-around great news,  we are so happy for our pups and their wonderful families.  Our families, the love of their babies and their fantastic lives is such a blessing to us.  It means more than words can say.  THANK YOU!!!!

Claire Baby Girls - 72 hours old

Claire Baby Girls – 72 hours old

Tracie and Silver Grand Champion Heartstrings Jasmine - #1 Bitch in the US 2014; current #1 Bitch in the US 2015

Tracie and Silver Grand Champion Heartstrings Jasmine – #1 Bitch in the US 2014; current #1 Bitch in the US 2015

Grand Champion Heartstrings Kronos

Grand Champion Heartstrings Kronos

Kronos chasing prankster Laszlo

Kronos chasing prankster Laszlo

Liv and Petra - 1st Place Novice Juniors

Liv and Petra – 1st Place Novice Juniors

Liv and Petra - 1st Place Novice Juniors

Liv and Petra – 1st Place Novice Juniors

Liv and Petra - 1st place Novice Juniors

Liv and Petra – 1st place Novice Juniors

Jessie, Bardos Jr (right hand), New Canine Good Citizen Petra (left hand)

Jessie, Bardos Jr (right hand), Petra (left hand)

Our 2 Mamas-to-Be

Yesterday Claire had a special visitor!!  Her great friend Lisa stopped by and they had a lovely time, Claire was very happy to see her.  Lisa and her family are puppy owners of Claire’s beautiful sister Trin and were present the day the girls were born.  Lisa is in the medical profession and has helped with several deliveries and a very eager puppy sitter anytime Joy has to step away when babies are young.  Lisa’s fun nick name is the “Doggie Doula.”

A friendship that started with Dogues years ago and has developed into family.  Weddings, graduations all the mile stones to celebrate in life.  Dogues really do make this great big world very small.

Now…other than their ginger hair color, who can guess what these two lovely ladies have in common?

Clairelisa2 (1280x853) Clairelisa3 (1280x853)


Happy Independence Day!

From our family to yours…a very happy 4th of July!

This time 3 years ago 8 beautiful babies had just arrived.  While we had high hopes, little did we know that 6 of the puppies would grow up to be AKC Champions, Top Ranked US Show Dogues,  Westminster Invites and ribbon-winners there (the short list of their accomplishments).  Perhaps more important…the 3 girls we kept back for our program from this breeding are all CHIC cleared.  Clear hearts on echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist, OFA clear elbows, OFA clear shoulders and Penn hip scores in the 70th and 80th percentile in the US.

Lots of calls, emails and pics this holiday from their lovely families.  They are celebrating this 4th in style and enjoying their birthdays.  We tell them that all of those fireworks and celebrations are for them for their birthday.

babiesdeliveryoohhh FourthofJuly Kronoscake Urszulahospital