We have been running back and forth to the Repro Vet, checking progesterone, and Shirley thinks we are ready!

In the next few days we will breed our Champion Heartstrings Shirley (2014 DDBSA Best bred By Exhibitor award winner) to the handsome Grand Champion Varela’s Majestic Valhalla, otherwise knows as Popeye.

Popeye lives in California, USA – we are in Ohio, USA.  Over the past few weeks we have been finalizing matters (to be discrete and not overshare lol).  When the time is just perfect according to Shirley, Popeye will be collected and his semen shipped to our specialist here for artificial insemination.

Many, many factors go into our breeding decisions.  Temperament, type, horizontal and vertical pedigree matches and health research, the accolades of being proven in the show ring comprise the short list.

One of the most important things in our value system is that Popeye lives a rich, spoiled family life like our Dogues here and we are very grateful to Varela Bordeaux, Dietrich Brown and Jason Stratford for the opportunity to put yet another world-class breeding together.

Popeye Popeye073015 Popeyechickensalad Popeyehead popeyejacket popeyeventurabob Popeyeyard