Our 2 Mamas-to-Be

Yesterday Claire had a special visitor!!  Her great friend Lisa stopped by and they had a lovely time, Claire was very happy to see her.  Lisa and her family are puppy owners of Claire’s beautiful sister Trin and were present the day the girls were born.  Lisa is in the medical profession and has helped with several deliveries and a very eager puppy sitter anytime Joy has to step away when babies are young.  Lisa’s fun nick name is the “Doggie Doula.”

A friendship that started with Dogues years ago and has developed into family.  Weddings, graduations all the mile stones to celebrate in life.  Dogues really do make this great big world very small.

Now…other than their ginger hair color, who can guess what these two lovely ladies have in common?

Clairelisa2 (1280x853) Clairelisa3 (1280x853)