Girl Crush

Claire x Captain x Bardos girls, 2 weeks old now.

Eyes have opened and this is always such a special and exciting time.  It happens fast, over the period of just a few hours starting with tiny slits; you have to watch carefully or you can miss it.  It is pure joy when their eyes open and they take that first look around at the big, beautiful world.  The first time our eyes meet and the moment we make our promises to them face to face.

They are also working hard to get those chubby little legs coordinated and moving underneath them.  Won’t be long at all until they are up and running around.

We are very proud grandparents.  Enjoy!

2weeksall3 (1280x853) 2weeksall3photo2 (1280x824) 2weeksgreen (1280x853) 2weekspink (1280x806) 2weekspurple (1280x853)