Films. Because Beauty is only Skin Deep

This week Joy and Trin traveled to have her shoulders, elbows, hips and thyroid evaluated.  The films will go on to a blind panel of 3 veterinary radiologists for review but preliminarily – looked dazzling.  Provided Grand Champion Trin gets an all clear, she will go into our breeding program.  She has previously cleared echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist and OFA perfect patellas.  Already decorated in the show ring, this is the final step before breeding.

By completing all of these screens Trin will also earn a CHIC certification and number for health.  A CHIC number is earned when a dog of any breed passes all tests recommended by their respective breed club.

Sadly, in the past 10 years only (approximately) 30 Dogue de Bordeaux’s in the US have obtained CHIC health clearance.  Six of the 30 have been Heartstrings Dogues and we are proud to carry the distinction of AKC Breeder of Merit.

Any breeder worth their salt should leap at the opportunity to put films like this in you and your veterinarian’s hands for review.  By completing this testing we can look any family in the eye when we had over a puppy.  Knowing that we have done our very best and knowing that we have done right by our beautiful breed.

Trinfilms1 Trinfilms2