New Certified Therapy Dog!

Hello Friends!  Par usuale it has been a busy week for Heartstrings Dogues around the US.  We had a great weekend in the show ring – everyone finishing in the ribbons.  Trin and Joy traveled to Michigan to finish her health testing for hopeful breeding plans.  But more about that later – this news deserves a special post of it’s own!

Laruen and Kaiser passed his Therapy Dog International screening!!!  The exam is rather intensive (of 6 dogs tested only 3 passed) and to say we are thrilled delighted, overjoyed would be an understatement.

This beautiful team has been working very hard for weeks to prepare.  In addition to daily obedience practice, their busy dance card included visiting nursing homes, children’s and community functions.

It brings tears to our eyes and a lump to our throats to know that, while Kaiser is always happy to meet and greet, bring smiles kisses and cheer, his real niche or specialty has been assisting with physical therapy sessions.  Kaiser seems to be especially gifted and skilled working with stroke victims and others on their courageous journeys to regain motor skills.  In some cases Kaiser has been the steadying hand instead of a cane or walker, helping people learn to walk again.

Now with this important certification this team can advance to higher levels of care along with their work in p.t. with stroke victims.  Helping people in hospitals and their big goal – working in their local children’s hospital.  Enormous congratulations and thank you to Kaiser and his wonderful family – we are so, so proud of you!  kaiser23months Kaisertdicert