Popeye x Shirley Puppies – 9 Days

Greetings All!  A beautiful warm, sunny, fall day here in Ohio.  The  very best from our family to yours.

The weather was gorgeous and we felt comfortable getting some photos of the new arrivals.  9 days-old today.  Everyone is cheerful happy and thriving (and a couple of cute little chatter boxes, talkers here in this litter – adorable).  We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we are enjoying these babies.

1weekblack (1280x853) 1weekgold (1280x852) 1weekltblue (1280x853) 1weekorange (1280x853) 1weekpink (1280x853) 1weektater (1280x838) 1wwkroyalblue (1280x852)