GCH CH Varela’s Majestic Valhalla (Popeye) x CH Heartstrings Shirley Babies – 3 weeks

Greetings Everyone!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and thank you all for being so patient!  Just a quick update with photos of the Popeye x Shirley babies.  3 weeks old now.  We hope you all enjoy them as much as we are.

Black Boy

Black Boy


3weeksgoldboy (1280x803)

Gold Boy


3weeksltblueboy (1280x853)

Light Blue Boy


3weeksorangeboy (1280x851)

Orange Boy


3weekspinkgirl (1280x846)

Pink Girl


3weeksroyalboy (1280x853)

Royal Blue Boy


3weekstatey (1280x850)

Tater Tot (female)