Popeye x Shirley Babies are Here!

On Thursday October 1 we welcomed 7 beautiful babies from Grand Champion Varela’s Majestic Valhala (Popeye) and Champion Heartstrings Shirley.  5 boys, 2 girls.

Mom and Babies are doing great – thank you for your patience while we keep everyone well and thriving.  Shirley is a wonderful first-time Mama, a little tired but very excited and pleased, proud.

For now just some quick cell phone shots, we hope you enjoy them.  Newborns stay in a temperature-controlled incubator, out and handled as little as possible in order to keep them safe and stable and we will get better photos at the appropriate time.  They nurse every 2 hours, always supervised by Joy in the whelping box.  Puppies are weighed every 12 hours then nursing orders adjusted to percentage of gain or loss and their temperatures monitored.

Joy plans in advance – stockpiling supplies and groceries, clearing her work schedule in order to remain on “lock down” here at home.  She is rarely more than 2′ away from babies, lightly sleeping on an air mattress on the floor next to them.  No television, radio or phone calls, instead the house is kept silent, concentrating and listening to every breath, every cry for any sign of distress.  It is a round-the-clock job but incredibly satisfying.

Thank you all again for your patience!  Know that we are keeping you baby happy, healthy and thriving.  They are absolutely beautiful and we look forward to sharing more photos at the appropriate time when they can be taken safely and responsibly.Blackboy24hours Newborn10015 Shirleypostdelivery2