Selection Process

Since many have inquired this is a good time to explain our selection process.  To be ethical, we only accept a limited number of pre-screened applicants and deposits.  We simply do not feel right about overcommitting a litter and disappointing families.

The evaluation of our puppies begins at birth and finally, at approximately 8-9 weeks the difficult show picks are made.  It would be wonderful to have a crystal ball; many time show picks are fine-hair decisions.  However, with careful evaluation we do have an excellent handle on the pack order and temperament of the litter and work hand-in-hand with our families to find the perfect match.

Once eyes open and everyone really gets their legs under them and moving it will confirm our already suspected order.  At that point, here at home everything breaks loose – whether it be agility tunnels, step-chirping mats or early thunderstorm and fireworks cd’s.  Once it is safe the puppies will go out to meet “100 strangers” and as many appropriate adult dogs as we can find.  Not only early and excellent socialization for them but an opportunity for us to carefully watch and evaluate their interactions.  Who rises to the top as the “showman?”  Who submits and is the “cream puff?”

The goal could be running on to the green carpet under the spotlights;  hearing the deafening roar of the crowd as you enter the ring at Madison Square Garden exhibiting at Westminster.  Maybe a great, healthy family member you can snuggle with.  Perhaps the profound, life-changing experience of watching your pup become the steadying hand over a walker or wheelchair as a Therapy Dog  The indescribable experience of being handed a Best In Multi Breed Show ribbon.  Whatever the goal, know that we are already concentrating and watching and will help you with the perfect fit and selection every step of the way.crownfinalpull JazzBIS jazzybisribbon stormromulusshowphoto urszulabobribbons UrszulaBOS2013Nationals (2) Westminstergettinghereistoughad Westminstergrantsphoto