Another Perfect Heart!

This past week Champion Heartstrings Mambo had a perfect echocardiogram by Board Certified Cardiologist and Professor of Cardiology at Ohio State University – Dr. Schober!

Heart problems are a leading cause of death in the Dogue de Bordeaux and something we are deeply committed to doing our best to improve.  Most heart conditions are genetic and no Dogue will enter our breeding program without a clear echo.  It is a deal breaker.  Mambo becomes the 10th Heartstrings owned or bred Dogue to be subjected to and pass an echocardiogram and this is thrilling, better than any color ribbon!

When families inquire on puppies we do our best to educate.  How to familiarize yourselves with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website where you can view vertical and horizontal test results.  What questions to ask as you talk to breeders.  “Heart checked by my regular Vet” is not good enough.  “Auscultation” is not good enough.  Many heart problems can pass these tests.  It must be the strictest scrutiny of “Echocardiogram.”  It must be performed by a Board Certified Cardiologist.  This requires considerable time and expense – most likely a Board Certified Cardiologist is not around the corner.  Unless and until a genetic marker is isolated and identified Echo’s are the best tool for evaluating breeding stock and to us, critical for admission into our breeding program.

To say this is incredibly satisfying is an understatement.  More than a piece of paper, it is more evidence that we are producing healthy, healthy, healthy Dogues.  Improving the health of the Breed which is our passion and driving force.

Mambo was pretty pleased with himself as well.  He celebrated his perfect Echo with a brand new Jolly Ball – blue of course, his favorite color.  Well done “Uncle BoBo,” Well Done!!!

mambocomingout Mamboecho Mambojollyball