3rd Generation of Beautiful Hearts!

Today Heartstrings Luther cleared echo at Ohio State by the Head Teaching Professor, Service Head of Cardiology!

Understand that we take our Dogues for health testing to the very best Specialists.  The most sensitive, most sophisticated equipment in the US, arguably the world.  The most carefully-calibrated machinery.  We don’t go in saying “Please clear this Dogue.”   But rather challenging the Specialist to “Find a problem.”

DCM, AS, SAS (heart problems) a leading cause of death in the breed.  They are genetic.  This can be eliminated with careful, responsible breeding and eliminating anything from a breeding program with these issues.   We are proof – it can be done and the reason we tell callers looking for puppies to insist on at least parents having clear echos.

Those results should be logged on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website, where you can also do important vertical and horizontal pedigree research.  To us, it is absolutely inexcusable (and irresponsible) to breed an un-echo’d Dogue.

Luther passes with flying colors – becomes our 11th and most importantly – our 3rd generation Dogue to clear.  It’s a long-term goal years in the making and we are over the moon!