Breeding Announcement

Today we bred our Champion, Grand Champion, Silver Grand Champion Jazzy.  #1 female in the US 2014; #2 Dogue de Bordeaux in overall Breed Ranking.  #1 female in the US 2015; #2 Dogue de Bordeaux overall in Breed Ranking.  2x Westminster INVITE (only the Top 5 dogs of any breed are INVITED), Select Bitch at Westminster and CHIC certified health testing.

There are young ears here so we will keep it in code and say that we ONLY do artificial insemination, never “natural breeding.”  We find this the safest, most humane and dignified way to breed.  A quick, absolutely painless procedure for our girls that takes less than 3 minutes by a veterinary reproductive specialist while we are right beside her, holding her and giving her tummy rubs and coos.

Other than our in-house males we have never used a male in our time zone, or even necessarily in the US.  This has required enormous cooperation from the male’s family.  We start monitoring a girl early but we never know when the time will come.  We call the owner’s of the male:  “Tomorrow is the day…..we need your boy collected and his semen shipped by Fed Ex deadline.”  Then it’s time to RUN; call Grandma to come over and get the kids off the bus or one of the best stories – talking to the owner of a male while they were, literally, running across the parking lot to have him collected and we could hear both of them panting.

Then we hope for a great collection from the male.  Then we hope the shipper is on point and gets the precious cargo in our vet’s hands on time.  Many nights walking the floors watching for tracking updates.

Science was perfect, now we wait and ultrasound in approximately 30 days to see if Mother Nature was on our side.  In the meantime – we know that many have been waiting for puppies from us and we appreciate this very much.  There will never be an easy, convenient Heartstrings litter bred simply to supply demand.  We know it’s hard to wait but thank you for your trust, confidence and patience.  We promise it will be worth it.