Trifecta Breeding Approach

Today our CGC and TDI Certified boy Kaiser made a difference.  He played gently and appropriately with a very sick Dane puppy.  The puppy has wobblers disease, an extremely painful condition.  This little Dane has never known a playmate.  His lifetime has consisted of sickness, loneliness as his family could never find a gentle, appropriate playmate for him – in fear he would be injured.

He met Kaiser and had his first play date ever.  Kaiser was so sweet, gentle, appropriate with this little guy and they had a ball.

We are very proud of Kaiser as he is a true testament to our vision.  When making breeding decisions we weigh temperament on an even scale with correct conformation and heath.  None of these 3 criteria can be compromised in a breeding program and working towards the total package.  They are not mutually exclusive.

Congratulations to Kaiser and his family – you all make us very, very proud.