Breeding Confirmed!

Over the moon to announce that our beautiful Jazzy Girl will be a Mama in just a few short weeks.  Silver Grand Champion Heartstrings Jasmine:  #1 female in the US 2014; #2 Dogue de Bordeaux in the US in overall breed standing.  That was just the beginning of her roll and she went on to do the “Double” going #1 female in the US, #2 Dogue de Bordeaux in 2015.  Two-time Westminster Invite – winning Select Bitch there.

And perhaps one of the greatest days of our lives – UKC BEST IN SHOW WINNER.  Winning Best in Show was everything you could imagine.  Beautiful competition and Jazz won the Breed.  A few hours later back in the ring against the beautiful Sibe, the sleek Doberman, the Rottweiler, the fabulously moving Bernese, so on to win the Guardian Group!

Then waiting, pacing, wringing our hands, hydrating for the Best in Show ring.  An enormous crowd had gathered.  The Terrier was exceptional, the Irish Setter flawless as everyone presented to the judge.  No question the Guardian Group and especially the Dogue de Bordeaux sent up to the Best in Show ring was the underdog.

Jazzy owned that ring and showed her heart out – owner handled by Joy and no one, including the judge could tear their eyes off of them.  Finally, the judge does the agonizing walk back through and gives everyone a final look over.  She turns, goes to her book and writes down her selections.  She picks up that giant silver chalice and 3′ ribbon and walks to the center of the arena.

By now you could hear a pin drop.  The masses of spectators went silent.  Everyone holding their breath – not even a crated dog was barking.  We watched her walk, walk, step, step to the center of the coliseum floor as if in slow motion.

She sets down the chalice, turns, pauses to look up and down the line up of incredible representatives from their respective Groups one last agonizing time, holds that giant ribbon and finally speaks.  She says: “Tonight my Best in Show will be the Dogue de Bordeaux!”

Pause.  Then a giant roar goes up that nearly blew the roof off of the stadium.  “OMG she used the Dogue de Bordeaux!  “Wow she used the Dogue de Bordeaux for BEST IN SHOW!” Yells and cheers: “Hahaha she used the Dogue de Bordeaux – amazing!”  Total strangers in other breeds jumped up and down, hugging, laughing with joy, celebrating, high-5ing each other.  Jazz and Joy mobbed with hugs, kisses, reporters, photographers as they left the ring; 45 minutes to walk 10″.

What a day, what a girl!

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