Additions To Our “Vault”

Hutch Mobysemen semenWe are proud, honored beyond words, privileged to announce the newest collections of frozen semen to our Vault and program.

Collections from 2006.  World Champion Moby de Legeane,  Multi European Champion Obelix du Domaine de Peyrehaut.

To say these acquisitions are complicated,  have taken years of negotiations to put together and span multiple continents would be the brief summary.  Once again, we have been entrusted with “secret holdbacks” – semen that no one knew was even out there much less available, at any price other than the honor system, trust, “high beams” on us be people we had no idea were watching, and earning their respect.

The frozen semen rolls in a vat of liquid nitrogen at a cool temp of -340 degrees F.  Very tight customs and controls it can only be shipped from licensed hand to licensed hand.

It literally takes a hired “army” of trained shippers, customs agents, scientists, veterinarians and techs around the globe to get this in our storage facility and program when it’s “go time.”   Then executed Special Op style – we only have so much time.  If the collection thaws on the tarmac waiting for a plane on a connecting flight, it is ruined.  If the collection gets hung up in customs, it is ruined.  If it isn’t processed fast enough upon arrival, it is ruined.

Incredibly fragile and delicate, the semen is stored and shipped in tiny straws.  Much like the size of coffee stirrers.  A few photos of the process, enjoy!



All About the Bitches!

We were happy to close 2015 as our 4th consecutive year in a row with either the #1 or #2 Bitch in the US in Breed/Show Ranking.

2012 – #1 Bitch in the US – Bronze Grand Champion Urszula z Orisku.

2013 – #2 Bitch in the US – Bronze Grand Champion Urszula z Orisku.  After having puppies and only 90 days of showing, right back in shape and winning.

2014 – #1 Bitch in the US – Silver Grand Champion Heartstrings Jasmine.

2015 – #1 Bitch in the US – Silver Grand Champion Heartstrings Jasmine.

Without question – the boys are impressive.  But 50% of the future is behind the Bitch.  Some would even say as high as 74%.  We ignore “popular sire syndrome” – instead focusing on the ground, the foundation, the roots, the Bitch.

When we look back at generational pedigrees and are making breeding decisions – we pay at least, if not more, attention to the “bottom” of the pedigree; the Bitches back up the history.  Their health, their type, their temperament the short list.

For some “Bitch” is a tough word to say.  It takes some time and practice to let it roll off your tongue.  Much less, consider the term or someone saying: “Wow – that is a GREAT BITCH” a extraordinary compliment and badge of honor.

Well done to our beautiful Bitches, well done!

jazz,urszula,trinnychagrin Jazzcrown2015 Jazzgroup4 Jazzmonroeville15-1 Urshugsandkisses Ursnatsstacked Urszulaandclairsept2013 UrszulaBOS2013Nationals (2) Urszuladancingwiththestars



Our Boys Make Us Proud in Kentucky And Pennsylvania!

Great weekend in the show ring!

Dawn and Luther traveled to Louisville, KY where he was rewarded with his third Major Win towards his AKC Championship.  Congratulations and great job to these two!

Grand Champion Kronos showed in York, PA where he was rewarded with Select Dog.  Shown by Alison and what a fine job!  Following the show he enjoyed a delicious cheeseburger, his favorite.

Big, big thank you and congratulations to our families – your efforts and presentation of our babies make us so proud!

KronosYorkcheeseberger LutherDawnKY

Champion Mambo Best of Breed in Auburn

This past weekend our sweet Mambo had a very nice win!  Best of Breed over 16 Dogues entered in Auburn, Indiana; his first time back out in the show ring in months.  Extra fun as he was entered, more or less, just for practice.

Mambo, or “BoBo” has been shown lightly.  A true gentleman, he hung back these past two years and let Jazzy do her thing.  Earning his Championship in 2015 out of the Bred By Exhibitor class – a special badge of honor for a Breeder then pulled back lest we be competing against ourselves.

Despite limited showing he also ranked in the US Top #10 in the 2015 National Owner Handled Series, shown exclusively by Joy.  Recognizing his potential, he started confidence-building and show prep at a young age and was rewarded with a Best Puppy in Multi Breed show as a baby along with multiple Group placements in matches.

Congratulations BoBo – our big, sweet, soft, easy, gentle giant!

Borisbestpuppy mambomoving mambonohsinvite Mamboonthebed Mamboramp2