Art of the Craft – Subtle Distinctions

A beautiful photo of Heartstrings Vauquios RN captured by photographer Mark Plonsky.

Breathtaking photo.  You wonder what those beautiful amber eyes have to say, you can almost feel that soft, velvety fur or his ticklish funny whiskers.

But look carefully.  See these wide-open naris/nostrils.  To us, this is a very subtle and often overlooked part of the “headpiece.”

As some breeders make choices to manipulate head type, perhaps to shorter muzzels, perhaps to “rounder heads” or whatever the market demands, we stay true to breeding the correct Dogue de Bordeaux consistent with historical and empirical data.

Our mission has been to stay in keeping with the beautiful athletes that our breed embodies.  Vauquois is a wonderful representation.  Again very subtle, but something as simple as nostrils getting larger instead of smaller, tighter is very satisfying.

One look, Vauquios screams – “I was bred to do my job as history has set forth.  I am an athlete.  Despite my size I can work and do my job all day.”  Well done, Vauquois, you make us so proud!