Jazzy x Mambo x Popeye Babies Have Arrived! Dual-Sired Litter.

No friends, this is not an April Fool’s joke.  In this case three *is* company.

The puppies from this litter are spoken for, but we wanted to take some time to explain the rationale and process behind dual-sired breedings.

Understand that we breed first and foremost for ourselves and the furtherance of our program.  We “keep” from every litter with an eye towards the future – minimally a “5-year plan” involving a complex matrix of pedigrees, ongoing health tracking and carefully calculated coefficients being the scientific basis behind choices.  Then the right-brain factors; the art, craft, the fine-eye of the movement for example – will the puppy grow, speak to us and one day make the cut into our elite breeding program?

A girl in our program will have minimal litters so we must choose very carefully and wisely.  We begin with finding the best possible male(s) as matches.  A dual-sired breeding choice gives us the ability to see and watch what our girl will produce when paired with different Sires and Lines.  To us, it is ideal on a girl’s first litter.

Shortly after birth each puppy is dna’d.  This is a non-invasive process involving a cheek swab with what looks like a mascara brush.  The kit on each puppy is mailed off then we wait for results and try to avoid guessing.  The puppies could be from either sire.  The puppies could be from both sires, which is optimal.

There is nothing economically practical about dual-sired breedings.  It is a long wait for the DNA results which we rely on to make careful choices for the future.  It is expensive;  the DNA kits, the insemination, potentially double stud fees, up-charges for registration being the short list.  But as “preservationist,” “craft,” or “artisan” breeders…dual-sired is an easy choice.