Socialization and Puppy Evaluations

Greetings Friends!  We have made final decisions on our Mambo x Jazzy litter and the babies have started heading out to their new homes.

Many have asked – how on earth do you choose the final show prospect puppies?  It is a difficult and daunting task to say the least.

We start watching and observing early on.  In addition to the conformation, who has the “it” factor to become a potential show star?  Intuition:  who just seems to leap out at us?

Then of course we work with a battery of experts and garner their opinions.  We are blessed with a reproductive vet who is also a breeder, recently retiring the top-winning Shar Pei of all time.  We schedule an extended appointment and make the long drive to have her examine every puppy from tip of nose to tip of tail for health and her “nod” before going to new homes.  We also set the puppies up and get her opinion on the top show prospects.

We load up and drive to meet a trusted Judge friend for her evaluations.  An enormous resource with 40+ years of Doberman breeding in her tool box.  Here, we will spend several hours setting puppies up on a table, going over each one with a fine-toothed comb as she provides critiques.  The tail set, we measure the coupling/balance, a hard look at the dentation and bite, the overall structure and angulation just the short list of the evaluation.

We have included photos of lifting the front left leg.  This, for instance, is how we evaluate the angulation of the puppy.  The angulation translates into how the puppy will move as an adult.  Looking for typey and correct movement with the proper reach and drive.

A few of the factors as we are typically blessed with many fine-hair decisions when selecting show prospects.  And always, of course, much fun socializing – meeting “100 Strangers” off campus prior to going to new homes.  Enjoy!    -photo credits Raney Days Photography

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