Summer Time – Keeping it Cool

Greetings Friends!  We have several exciting show and puppy announcements forthcoming but first we must take pause to talk about health and safety.  As the “dog days” of summer approach we must always be mindful of our beloved 4-legged family members in the heat.

Here in Ohio things can get hot and steamy and we treat warm days and high humidity in very much the same manner as -30 days/risk of hypothermia and frostbite.  Dogues go outside, do their business, then straight back in to the air conditioning.

Sadly, every summer we will hear accounts of people losing dogs to heat stroke.  This can happen very fast and even with the most careful of owners.  It is a good idea to know the signs of heat stroke and first aid.  A dog’s average temperature is around 101; for those not-so-brave people like ourselves, ear thermometers are available.  Additionally, many local Red Cross facilities offer classes in pet first aid.  You would do this for your infant child, why not for your 4-legged baby as well?

Enjoy some photos of 2 of our Dogues keeping it cool.  The lovely Mila diving into her pool.  And Mr. Kaiser – enjoying a swim in his pond after raiding the family garden for a cucumber.

Kaisercucumber2 Kaisercucumber3 MilaFrenchie Milapool