New Grand Champion and S.T.A.R. Puppies

Excited to pass along that Heartstrings has another home-bred Grand Champion!  Mambo, with limited showing, has ticked another Title off his list.  He is also currently ranked in the US Top #10 DDB’s in breed standing at just over 2 years old.

Mambo became a Daddy earlier this year and 2 of his boys earned their S.T.A.R. Puppy Certifications (Soicilization, Training, Activity, Responsibility).  Big congratulations to Moose, Knox and their families.  Knox shown here with his little girl who clearly thinks her puppy is a S.T.A.R.


Moosestar MamboGCHCert starpuppylogo Knoxstarpuppy2 Knoxstarpuppy