New Title!

Great start to the week and month!  On Monday August 1, 2016 9 month-old Crash earns his CGC Title – forever recorded in history as an American Kennel Club Titled Dogue.

CGC (Canine Good Citizen) is an obedience title and the team must successfully complete a course consisting of 10 challenges.  Sit, stay, down, a timed 3-minute sit or down-stay whereby the handler walks out of sight, and passing other dogs appropriately are a few of the challenges.

These two have worked and practiced very hard and we are over the moon for them.  No surprise – their instructor tells us they broke the curve, star students in her class and she is encouraging them to continue with a working/performance/conformation career.  Great job Dawn and Crash – you make us so proud!

Crashcgc1 Crashcgc2 Crashcgc3 Crashcgc4