2 Dogues in the US Top 20!

US Nationwide Breed-point rankings were released a few days ago and we are delighted to announce that we have 2 DDB’s ranked in the US Top 20!

Champion, Grand Champion Mambo at #9.  Making his debut on the charts, our young new Champion Luther at #11!

This requires a bit of planning because both boys show in the same area.  One goes out to show, one stays home and relaxes lest we be competing against ourselves.

Years back we remember watching the Top 20 Competition at DDBSA Nationals.  Awestruck, dreaming of having a Dogue of this caliber.  Fast-forward to present day and not only have we owned, but most importantly bred, multiple Top 20 Ranked Dogues.

Very satisfying and rewarding – our families and Dogues make us very proud!