Luther Wins Best In Specialty Show at the National!

It is beyond a dream come true.  Luther wins the DDBSA National Specialty!

While there are many prestigious shows throughout the year, for any Breed the Annual Specialty is the holy grail.

The National Specialty show is where breeders and enthusiasts meet up one time per year.  For meetings.  For seminars.  For long discussions over dinner about improving the health of their breed.  No matter the location people and Dogues fly in from all over the US to take part in this important event.

And to showcase the best of their best in the show ring.

This year nearly 60 Dogues were in the show ring.  Luther was named the 2017 National Best in Specialty Show Winner!  What makes it even more gratifying is that Luther is a CHIC health certified Dogue de Bordeaux.  A very satisfying moral victory proving that you can have amazing type *and* amazing health.