When a Dream Comes True – Twice!

In 2009 the sun, moon, stars all lined up and we were fortunate enough to be trusted with our Urszula.  The Queen, the Pride, the Matriarch, the Heart of Heartstrings came to us from the Czech Republic.  And we were lucky, lucky, lucky to be chosen amongst a very long waiting and applicant list to be her forever family.  Even today, long retired she still takes our breath away approaching 9 years old.

Urszula has been a history-making girl for us.  Bronze Grand Champion.  The first black mask DDB to earn Grand Champion (please visit our media tab to read more).  Westminster Invite.  Her show credentials too long to enumerate.

We hoped and waited a long time for her, long before she was born.  What was most significant about her was that she was a rare black-mask Moby de Legeane daughter.  Moby, the undisputed legend and once every 30 years, once-in-a-generation male from the Netherlands had sired a litter in the Czech Republic and there were black masks!

Fast-forward to October 2016.  In a beautiful, home, family kennel in the Netherlands and through the magic of science, frozen semen, perfectly calculated timing and expert veterinarians our No Mercy Van de Madroelhoeve was born.

Our second black mask Moby daughter.  She is a dream come true – twice.