Health Effects of Early Spay or Neuter

We strongly recommend waiting until at least 2 years of age to spay or neuter.

Sometimes this can be a challenge when boarding.  Or managing a couple of cycles with a young female.  But the long-term health benefits far outweigh the short-term inconveniences.

Attached is a nice read on the effects of early spay and neuter issued by the Golden Retriever Club of America.  They found, among other things, that early s/n is linked to hip dysplasia, cruciate injuries and certain forms of cancer.  We have additional information in our library, please feel free to contact us if you would like it.

While there is little data available on the effects in giant breeds, we can only assume that it is intensified.  Unless there is a risk of an accidental pregnancy or some other medical concern to weigh carefully, the studies are mounting showing that it is best to wait.

Please be informed and make good decisions for your youngster – they are counting on you!