2 More Perfect Hearts!

Last week we made the long drive to see the head of cardiology at Ohio State, one of the top veterinary schools in the US, to have 2 echocardiograms performed.  Weeks for an appointment, we go here because if there is a problem, Dr. Schober will find it and the prospect will be eliminated from our breeding program.

Aortic stenosis (AS, SAS) and some other heart conditions are genetic and leading causes of death in the Dogue de Bordeaux.  Many times they are silent and can not be determined with a “listen” so an echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist is necessary.  Here, on echo, we can measure the volume, flow.  Actually see the heart working and determine if there is any regurgitation.  Things you just won’t here on mere auscultation.

Very proud and happy to announce that No Mercy Van de Madroelhoeve and Heartstrings Olga have passed their echocardiograms by a board certified cardiologist with flying colors!

Fantastic Results from Bucks/Trenton Show

Miss B wins Winners Bitch all 3 days!  2 days Best of Winners!!!

We are so excited about this young girl.  Turning 10 months yesterday, already AKC pointed with a Best of Breed win over much older, mature competition.  Awarded AKC Puppy of Distinction in March.

Keep your eye on this beautiful rising Heartstrings star.  It’s going to be an amazing ride!