Longevity in the Dogue de Bordeaux

This past weekend GCH Heartstrings Margaret CGC attended a show.  She went out just for fun as a long-retired Veteran (over 7 years old) and came home with a career win!  2 Reserve Best In Show Veteran – then they holy grail – Reserve of The Best of The Best In Show!  From the Veteran class and competing against dogs of all ages and breeds!!!

This is significant for two reasons.  First, our “oldies” enjoy themselves immensely; it is a mitzvah or “act of honor and service” to them.  Second, having a Dogue holding up, competitive/showing and remaining in this great of health and condition at their age is really a badge of honor.

In addition to great type, health, temperament – longevity in the pedigree is a key criteria when making a breeding match.  The breeding window is rather short, between 2-5 years of age and this is where we have to look long and hard back up behind the pair.  Scouring the pedigree looking at the ages of grandparents, great grandparents, even great, great grands.  Searching the globe for pedigrees with the very best longevity.

We are very proud to have several Veterans out there enjoying themselves and the icing on the cake – still bringing home incredible wins at over 7 years old.  A proudly-displayed gray whisker here or there, please enjoy some pics of several our Veterans from a variety of shows over the years.