Puppy Time!

After months of of research, planning, waiting with great anticipation Ella (Champion Heartstrings Dream a Little Dream of Me) has decided it’s time to become a Mama!

She will be bred to Bronze Grand Champion Rising Star’s I’ll Fly Away (Moses).  A wonderful pairing that we are incredibly excited about.  Generations of fantastic type, health, temperament and very important…great longevity back up both sides of the pedigree.

Ella has already started her pre-natal regimen and will have her first Vet visit Saturday with a reproductive specialist.

The Moses semen was frozen in 2012.  It will be shipped Monday from the licensed lab in Atlanta, GA to our Reproduction Vet in Ohio in a space-age looking container.  Little vials carefully preserved over the years, rolling in a vat of liquid nitrogen at a cool -320 degrees Fahrenheit.

We will be monitoring her meticulously, waiting for the precise moment.  At which point, the semen will be slowly, expertly thawed by our Vet so as not to ruin it and she will be artificially inseminated.

Please keep fingers crossed as we hope for a successful breeding and healthy, beautiful babies arriving around Christmas day!