Donations for Dog and Cat Food for Ukraine

Greetings friends. Like many of you we are heartbroken over the war in Ukraine.

The Dogue de Bordeaux world is small and we have many friends in Ukraine who are standing their ground and remaining in their homes with their Dogues. Joy is in regular contact with them and food and supplies are dwindling.

However, we are filled with pride to pass along that the Dogue de Bordeaux community in Europe is leading the world in providing assistance to dogs of all breeds and cats in Ukraine. In what can only be described as herculean, heroic efforts our friends in Europe are organizing weekly convoys of 4-5 semi-trucks filled with up to 80 tons of food, driving them into and distributing food and supplies to people in need in Ukraine. Unfortunately, donations are beginning to drop and they really need financial assistance.

Like Joy, many of these individuals are on the boards of directors of their respective breed clubs in Europe. We know many of the organizers personally and you can donate with complete confidence.

The paypal account for donations is

Thank you, please help if you are able.

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